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10 reasons why you should consider Trex Composite Decking for your home

50* year limited residential warranty by Trex

Won’t split or rot

Doesn’t Fade or Stain

Hidden clip system

Never needs to be oiled or painting

Very easy to install

Enhanced protection from the weather

Won’t be eaten by termites

Wide range of colours to suit your home

Looks like wood but has none of the work

Better Than Timber

The Hassle-Free Alternative to Timber Decking

A Trex® composite deck is ready whenever you want to use it. No sanding, staining, or painting here—a little soap and water or a quick power washing is all the maintenance Trex requires.

Timber decks take constant care.

Trex composite decking is more durable and longer lasting. When you look at all Trex has to offer, timber decking begins to feel like signing up for a second job.

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Deck Calculator

Trying to work out how many boards, clips and other items you’ll need for your deck? No problem we’ve built a calculator just for you.

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The Green Factor

Recycled Plastic & Timber Decking Boards

Made from an innovative blend of reclaimed timber and plastic film, Transcend decking makes use of earth-friendly manufacturing processes, free from the use of harmful chemicals. Wherever possible, we use post-consumer and post-industrial materials.

In addition to our drive to create greener materials, we also conduct supply chain assessments to be sure our partners share our approach to ethical and responsible green business practices. See how using a 95% recycled board (that’s almost the whole thing) makes you feel about the great outdoors

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You’re Not Alone

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Stockists and Pro Installers Australia-wide

Decking Solutions as the sole distributor of Trex® products in Australia has made sure there are dealers close by to where you live and a directory of qualified and professional installers.

With a complete set of resources from our deck calculator, experts in store to help you estimate your project correctly as well as installers to do it all for you, your totally covered.

After care instructions and the 50 year warranty* will put your mind at ease, knowing that you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space at home for decades to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trex Composite Decking is a premium decking material known for its durability and low maintenance. It’s an excellent choice for Australian conditions because it doesn’t split, rot, fade, or stain, making it ideal for our harsh climate.

No, Trex Composite Decking never needs to be oiled or painted. Cleaning with soap and water or a power wash is sufficient maintenance.

The hidden clip system makes for a clean and seamless deck surface while allowing for expansion and contraction. It also enhances the deck’s appearance and reduces maintenance.

Yes, it’s relatively easy to install, and we offer resources for DIY install or we can put you in contact with a professional installer to assist with your project.

Trex Composite Decking offers a wide range of style options to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. You can choose from various colours, finishes, and patterns to match your home’s style and your personal preferences.

Whether you prefer a traditional wood look, a modern design, or something unique, Trex has style options to suit your vision. Explore our decking board range to find the perfect style for your deck.

In Australia, the requirement for a building permit to install a deck can vary depending on your location and the specifics of your project.

Generally, if your deck is elevated, exceeds a certain size, or involves structural changes, you may need a building permit. It’s essential to check with your local council or building authority to understand the specific regulations and permit requirements in your area.

Yes, composite decking, like Trex Composite Decking, is often considered a better choice than timber for several reasons:

  • It’s highly durable, resisting rot, splitting, and termites.
  • Requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for staining or painting.
  • Maintains its colour and appearance even in harsh conditions.
  • Supports eco-friendly practices with recycled materials.
  • Offers a wide range of style options.

While timber decking has its appeal, composite decking is a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and environmentally conscious alternative, making it a preferred option for many homeowners.

Yes, with a low water absorption rate Trex Decking is an ideal product for use around a pool. The only thing you cannot do with Trex Decking is permanently submerge it in water.

Finding a Trex Composite Decking merchant near you is easy. You can use our online dealer locator tool on the Hurford Wholesale website. Simply enter your location, and it will provide you with a list of nearby dealers where you can purchase Trex products. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support for assistance in locating a merchant in your area.

Whether or not you need to hire an installer for your Trex Composite Deck depends on your DIY skills, the complexity of your project, and your personal preferences. Trex decking is designed for easy installation, and many homeowners choose to install it themselves.

However, for larger or more intricate projects, or if you prefer professional assistance, Hurford Wholesale provides a directory of qualified and professional installers across Australia. They can help ensure your deck is installed correctly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind.

Getting a sample of Trex Composite Decking is easy. You can request a sample directly from the Hurford Wholesale website. Look for the “Order a Sample” section and follow the prompts to select the colour and style you’re interested in.

We’ll send you a sample so you can see and feel the quality of our decking materials before making your decision. It’s a convenient way to ensure you choose the perfect Trex product for your outdoor space.